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SnowRSPS is a Custom 07 Runescape remake private server Online 24.7 since 2012, We were known as Snow317 for years, but now we own all Snow names, and will continue to Grow Join us Anytime. Many...

Velheim RSPS - The best PRE-EOC server!

28 fully functioning skills (Including Divination, Invention & Archaeology), All latest RS3 content on a PRE-EOC client, An authentic server with NO customs. Mining Smithing rework, Wilderness slayer, Vorago, Prifddinas, Araxxor, GWD2, ROTS, etc.

WildyPK SPAWN & PK SERVER | Relaunching 1st December

The Nightmare |Weapon Upgrades & Enchating | Raids 1 | Wilderness Group Bosses | | Shooting Stars | Inferno | Custom Home Area | Wilderness Bosses & Monsters | Wilderness Slayer Master | Custom Items


Introducing RuneRogue, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any other. we have just launched 23-03-2022, free rewards to all new players. + Pets with perks. + ...

ZeroScape 718

ZeroScape We are a 718/742 loading some osrs content (more to come eventually). We have loads of fun and custom content for our players to enjoy! Here at ZeroScape we focus on the community! we want you the player to be happy and to have a good...


Custom Server , Fully Working Skills , Custom Maps , Custom Monsters , Custom Items , Come Join It Up Now We Are Here Since 2013

Nightmare - 2020's MOST Unique RSPS!

Nightmare - A truly UNIQUE custom adventure || NIGHTMARE317 - BEST Custom RSPS of 2020 and beyond! || CUSTOMS MADE BY OWNER! || More than 2000 unique items added already! || Top Donor & Voter contest every Month! || Constant Development - New...


RuneFlare is a brand new server with tons of content bossing pking skilling events come check us out! Click Our PLAY button to download our jar client Discord

AutoScape OSRS

We are a strong economy based server. You can skill or train combat to gain the best weapons and become rich and known on the server.

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game

OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game OS-War - Weekly cash rewards - Quality game


Relive the challenging leveling system and risk-it-all PvP of the biggest Old School Pking style RSPS. Play with other players in this piece of online gaming heritage where the community controls the development so the game is truly what you want it to be


Features! - The Nightmare - Theatre of Blood - Group Ironman (Teams of 4) - The Gauntlet - Custom Bosses - Collection Log - Alchemical Hydra - Extensive Slayer System - Revenant Caves - Custom Deeper wilderness Revenant Caves - Corporeal beast - Over 100...


we are a 718 semi custom rsps adding content daily come check us out and join this growing server


Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out the newest hot project of 2022: Etherius At Etherius we strive to create a community based experience, that is that this server was made by the players, FOR the players. Here we listen attentively...

Heartless RSPS

Heartless has developed a server of which combines the new runescape content that everyone loves and enjoys to play, while placing a unique custom twist, differentiating us from the rest. With flawless pking, extensive bossing and skilling, you will not...

Invicta-Pk - The 1 PK RSPS - Free Mbox

Welcome to Invicta-Pk The 1 PK RSPS Download start pking instantly Pking , Skilling , Bossing , Minigames , Customs , Custom pets.

OS-Veldahar 1 OSRS Emulation

OS Veldahar Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards Great Olm The great olm is available for fight as well, including drops like the twisted bow Good luck Achievement...

BadKush Flawless Gameplay

Introduction Hello Adventurer Come checkout Our brand new RSPS BadKush First 50 Users Get Free Donator Status All new members also get a unique beta tester title Custom minigames, Custom recolors, Custom point shops Donation store and more Main...  know youre probably ready to see some pictures or possibly already have, so well keep our explanation of what exactly Salve is short and sweet. Were a brand new server that has...


This is an EoC (Evolution of Combat) server including Legacy mode. (Old school combat) COMBAT IS EXACTLY HOW YOU WILL FIND IT ON RS3 ALL SKILLS ARE WORKING 100% Photos will be posted below Before you ask, yes, every single ability works exactly the way...

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